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How To Care For Suede Shoes

Suede is soft to touch and oh so luxe but the biggest question will always persist: how do you keep suede shoes looking brand new?

Posted on 4 January, 2023

Suede is soft to touch and oh so luxe but the biggest question will always persist: how do you keep suede shoes looking brand new?

Of course we have the answer (naturally) and the good news is cleaning suede shoes has never been easier. Here are our top tips on how to clean suede shoes, boots and heels this season and beyond.

Before we begin, arm yourself with our shoe care essentials - a suede brush, a suede cleaning block and a waterproofing spray.

Suede Brush

Love those brown suede heels but unsure how to keep clean? A good quality suede brush is the first step to becoming a shoe-care kween.

Use your suede brush to sweep away dried dirt - make sure your shoes are completely dry before brushing the debris away in small, gentle motions. Glide your suede brush in the direction of the grain to avoid damage to your suede and to keep in a smooth, as new condition.

Suede Cleaning Block

Let's face it, a night out usually means some type of drink spillage on your new shoes. Espresso martini? Red wine? No problems. Clean away those tough stains using a suede cleaning block - spot clean and rub the eraser across the area ensuring only a moderate amount of pressure.

Suede Waterproofer

Prevention reigns supreme! The best way to care for suede shoes is to coat your shoes with a protective waterproofing spray. Simply unbox your new shoes, spray liberally with a protective spray and allow to dry. Not only will your shoes be protected from moisture, splashes and dirt, but the chance of colour also fading and stains are reduced. Win win!

Note, always test patch your suede protector on a small section of the shoe first. Repeated applications are required to protect suede on-going.

Our Other Top Tips:

• Avoid wearing your suede shoes in the rain - instead opt for a pair of treated leather shoes (sprayed with a waterproofing protector, of course).

• Keep your suede shoes away from direct sunlight to maintain the colour

• Allow your shoes to air dry if wet and wipe away any moisture

• Place inside a dust bag to keep clean and keep in a dry area

Feeling confident? Shop our range of shoe care and suede shoes online today!

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