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Established in Australia in 2021, Formi is your go-to haircare brand that is as efficacious as it is fun! Laura Jade Stone shares the inspiration behind Formi Plus, find your member exclusive discount inside...

Posted on 3 January, 2023

Meet Laura Jade Stone, the founder of Formi Hair. We talk all things hair, life and goals for 2022.

Star Sign?

Aquarius, baby!


A current favourite - a negative mind will never give you a positive life.

Whenever I catch myself thinking negatively, I try to refresh and take a step back.

Where did the name Formi come from?

I've always loved shape and form in everything I do including my home, fashion and hair and I knew that we had to express that in the brand name. It's pronounced 'for-me' and I literally hear it everywhere now.

What was the inspiration behind Formi?

A couple of different things led to the birth of Formi. One of the initial ideas was from my Mum and I discussing a barrel brush that I would always steal from her growing up. My mum was a hairdresser and I loved using this brush as nothing else would work with my hair as well. It went missing at some point and we thought how amazing it would be to build our own version that is not only amazing for your hair but also looks beautiful and can be a forever piece and that led to our Ergo Barrel Brush.

Also, working in the fashion and beauty industry I've been so lucky to try so many great beauty products. I started to take a keen interest in my hair health and the products I was using. However, I couldn't find the right products that worked for me - products that were great for your hair health and styling and also looked great in your bathroom, too.

That's where I realised the possibility of bringing out my own hair care range where we could focus on the importance of products that provided real results, looked amazing and were made in Australia.

What does a day in the life look like at the Formi office?

Usually packing orders in the morning, creating content/admin in the afternoon and coffee before, during and afterwards!

Some of our team live in the UK so we'll have a meeting later in the evening too to discuss all things Formi.

What is your best haircare advice?

Be gentle with your hair - you're gentle on your skin so give your hair the same love. And always, always use a heat protector - that's when I noticed a change in my hair - when I started being mindful and not putting any heat on it without protecting it first.

What is your favourite Formi product?

I love them all, they are so good for different reasons - that would be like picking a favourite child! I have a soft spot for our Ergo brush, because of the nostalgic factor. My most used product is our Sea mist - I just love the volume it creates BUT the heat protector is probably the most important. That's a hard one!

Favourite TB style?

I honestly can't live without my Fantasy boots - I wear them so much.

What's next for Formi?

We have some super exciting products in the pipeline - everthing takes time as we really want to make sure every product is perfect! We LOVE to hear what people want to see from Formi and what they find most important for their hair regime, so please do be in touch and keep your eye out for exciting new products.

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