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Amanda Thomas shares the inspiration behind Luv Aj, her advice for young entrepreneurial women and what's next for the brand. Plus, find your member exclusive discount inside...

Posted on 3 January, 2023

Meet Amanda Thomas, the founder of Luv Aj. Launched 18 years ago when Amanda was just 14 years old, Luv Aj is your go-to jewellery destination that provides both quality and affordability!

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Confidence and kindness will get you everywhere you need to go.

What is your best advice for young entrepreneurial women?

Start with one idea and make it perfect. If you take the time to develop one item that's really special and feels unique to the market, that's how you captivate your customer and gain their loyalty.

What does a day in the life look like at the Luv Aj office?

Well we're all officially working from home now (which is amazing) so my day kicks off with a few operations emails first thing in the morning then a workout in my backyard. Exercise just gets my mind right for the day and gives me so much energy.

Then I'll have a few virtual team meetings to go over the marketing calendar, upcoming launches, and approving ads. My job every day is to make sure that the ship is smoothly sailing and that there aren't any major issue anywhere (fingers crossed) so it's a lot of check ins with every department in Luv Aj.

Evenings are always spent with friends and family having dinner, or a little self-care moment like a massage or manicure. Then in bed by 9pm and that's when I get to work on all the creative. It's my quiet time with no emails coming in and I can really focus on coming up with new designs and making sure the future jewels are the coolest they can be!

What is your current favourite jewellery trend?

I love tennis necklaces and bracelets, and particularly when they're stacked with something completely different - like a bright beaded necklace or thick chunk chain. I think contrasting something classic with something super trendy is a fun little mix.

What is your favourite Luv Aj product?

The Cross Hoops! They're so iconic to us and forever my favourite easy statement earring.

Favourite TB style?

The Aerial Black Snake Heels - they're so chic and a great day to night heel.

What has been your greatest challenge?

I think my greatest challenge is my most consistent challenge which is not listening to the doubt inside my head. It's so easy to talk yourself out of things and feel scared to pursue your dreams, but you really have to be confident in your own abilities and learn to ignore negative thoughts and trust your gut on the daily!

What's next for Luv Aj?

So many things! We have two influencer collabs for 2023 in the works (can you guess who??), we're developing a special piercing collection, building an INCREDIBLE Ambassador Program, and so much more :)

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