AW21 Trend Highlight: Stretch Boots

20 Apr, 2021

We’re not new to this trend and never really stopped loving it. We welcome back sock-like boots with open arms.

A hybrid of socks meets boots, we’re all about stretch and in various lengths – ankle, calf, knee and then amazing thigh-highs. And the best bit? These boots give the ultra-flattering illusion of super slim ankles due to their stretchy hugging effect. This season’s addition of a chunky soles ensures they tick the comfort box and and the fitted silhouette will keep your ankles toasty warm when teaming them with a midi-skirt or cropped pants. 

You’ll want to play around with clothing proportions and styles to maximise the look of the boots. For that ‘trendy effortless’ look, wear a pair of ankle boots with a cool oversized jacket and leggings. To get that ‘edgy punky’ look wear a chunky thick sole with a leather jacket and ripped baggy jeans. Or, for that ‘sexy chic’ look opt for a thigh-high stiletto sock boot paired with a mini skirt – but do add bold accessories. 

This trend is not going anywhere anytime soon. As the season has progressed we’re seeing more and more stretch boots on the street style scene. Here are a few of our favourite looks and styles that are trending right now...

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AW21 Trend Highlight: Stretch Boots

We’re not new to this trend and never really stopped loving it. We welcome back sock-like boots...

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