How to wear: Velcro Sandals

11 Dec, 2020

Hiranni how we love you. They’re the flat sandal that’s oh so comfortable and one of the most sought-after styles this season. Trust us when we say these shoes will stand the test of time. Not only can they be worn all summer long, they can also transition you through to the cooler months with a couple of styling tweaks.

Still a bit unsure? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. Scroll down for all the outfit inspo you need to style your new Hiranni sandals. We weren’t kidding when we said they’ll quickly be the most versatile shoe you own.

So read on at your own risk and let our #TBGirls show you how to style this all-rounder that you won’t take off. Don’t say we didn’t warn you. Caution: desirable shoes ahead.

1. Socks & Sandals

What used to be a fashion faux pas is now seriously cool (and hella comfortable). Hiranni and some thick ribbed socks go together like Romeo & Juliet.

2. Short & sweet

It’s always summer somewhere. Shed the layers and show off your tanned pins with anything mini. For trans-seasonal dressing try a knitted mini dress.

3. Go oversized

Master effortless cool-girl vibe. Whether it’s a blazer or a trench, oversized classics are the perfect pairing to Hiranni.

4. Lounge wear

Wear them lounging around, collecting the mail and binging on that new Netflix series. We love Hiranni paired with sweats, knits, need we say more?

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