Shoes For A Minimalist Wardrobe

17 Dec, 2019

Hands up if, when curating your wardrobe, you subscribe to the less is more approach?


You? OK, great! Know who have made nailing the chic minimalist wardrobe a national pastime? French girls. Know who we spend 98% of our time on Instagram looking at, and who have spawned at least 2,811,408 million think pieces online? French girls. So you know that you’re in good company when you opt for a capsule wardrobe.


The cornerstone of every great capsule closet is a pair of great shoes. Whether that’s a pair of boots, an on-trend sneaker, or a trusty heel, your outfit won’t be complete without a pair of traffic-stopping shoes. That is where we come in. Below, we’ve outlined four occasions for when your minimalist wardrobe will really shine, and the accompanying shoes that will help you to get there.


Without further ado, my monochromatic-dressed pals, here’s the perfect shoes for your minimalist closet…

The 9-5 Minimalist

As anyone who works in an office knows, managing to pull together five looks per week that nail the chic-yet-professional-yet-comfortable brief is no easy feat. We don’t claim to be mathematicians, but according to our calculations, that’s around 240 looks per year. TWO HUNDRED AND FORTY. *Whistles.* In essence, the workplace is where a capsule wardrobe really comes through to save the day.

If your work wardrobe was a prized recipe, this would be the ingredients list:

1 x versatile jacket (in muted tones)

4 x tops (a basic white button-down and a handful of silk tanks with high necklines)

1 x well-tailored suit

2 x pants (a dark-wash denim for casual Fridays and the like, and a pair of slim-fitting black pants for everyday)

2 x skirts (note: pencil skirts never go out of style, and it’s advised that you have a neutral and patterned and/or colourful version in your arsenal)

2 x dresses (a shirt-dress will nail all dress codes)

3 x shoes (more on that below)

The shoes you need to complete your look: When it comes to a minimalist wardrobe for the office, all your shoe department requires is a pair of slick black ankle boots and a pair of work-approps heels. So, in that exact order we present you with the Davis Black Ankle Boots, the Khan Black Lunar/Block Como Ankle Boots and the Hank Milk Capretto Heels .

The Brunch Minimalist

If you’re anything like us, your weekend schedule is more often than not jam packed with brunch dates (and especially now that the weather is warming up, and the thought of leaving the house more appealing). The sacred time between 10-2pm we like to call ‘the brunching hours’ presents the perfect opportunity to let your inner minimalist’s heart sing. Think trusty jeans, cargo pants, soft cotton tops, bike shorts, cosy jumpers (when the weather cools off), and wrap dresses.

The shoes you need to complete your look: In terms of your feet, keep things casual yet off-duty chic with Davis Black Satin Ankle Boots, Sia Black Flats or the Florence Milk Capretto Heels.

The Going-Out Minimalist

When extending your minimalist wardrobe all the way to the bar and/or dancefloor, there’s a few things you’ll need in your arsenal: skinny jeans, slinky silk tops, a silk slip, a little black dress and a well-structured blazer. Keep these on rotation, and you’re bound to look #flawless on the d-floor. Every. Single. Time.

The shoes you need to complete your look: Ladies, leave your flats at home, the club is full of Insta-worthy snaps and your heel should be fully grown. (We’re sorry, the lyrics to Jumpin’ Jumpin’ by Destiny’s Child just popped into our heads, and our fingers couldn’t be stopped!). Anyhoo, what we’re trying to say is, your going out minimalism requires a pair of slinky heels to complete it. This is a no flats zone. Say hello to your new fave heel, the Florence heels . See you on the DF, gawjuz.

The Minimalist On Holidays

You know how your favourite style blogger only seems to wear crisp wardrobe pieces in denim, white and linen frabrics, but manages to looks F-A-B and fresh each and every single time? Well, it’s because they’ve mastered the art of the minimalist wardrobe. Use this simplicity mindset when packing the carry-on suitcase for your next trip, whether it’s a weekend away or an international sojourn. Pack high quality clothes that won’t crush in your bag, don’t pack anything you haven’t worn in the past year, and keep in mind that versatility is key —ask yourself, “How many different ways can the item you want to pack be worn?” Bonus points: if you really want to nail the “never not crisp” look, bring a travel steamer.

The shoes you need to complete your look: Another good tactic for A+ packing is to base your outfits around your shoes—they’re the heaviest part of your luggage afterall (unless you’re an OTT toiletries packer), especially if you’re rolling with boots. Will you be beaching and walking around a new city all day, soaking up the sights? Then, a multi-tasking pair of the Ariana Black Flats should suffice. Think you’ll be spending most of your time soaking up the culinary and/or nightlife scene? Make some room in your suitcase for the hottest shoes of the moment, the Florence heels or the Scarlett heels .

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