Trend: Animal Print

22 Nov, 2019

Anywhere you look this season, you can bet that an animal print will be staring you in the eye. Like the polka dot and gingham trends that came before it, the animal print trend swung right into our lives like a wrecking ball and now it’s all we see. The proof? Every runway and pavement outside of fashion month this year, from Paris to New York, resembled a (very fashionable) zoo, with shoes, accessories and everything in between paying homage to your favourite predators.




No longer reserved for maximalists only—i.e. the Shania Twain’s and Fran Drescher’s of the world— the animal print craze is being embraced with open arms by everyone, even those who identify as minimalist dressers. The perfect entry point into the animal kingdom, no matter where you land on the sartorially daring spectrum, is by way of your feet. Animal print shoes—be it boots, sneakers, loafers, a heel or sandals—are the perfect way to partake in the hot new 2019 trend. It’s all in the details, after all.




And, the best bit? While we’ve leaned heavily on leopard skin in the past, a.k.a the undisputed neutral of animal print, there’s a whole host of animal print shoes—alligator, snake and croc among them—that can help to inform your look this winter. Want to take a walk on the wild side, but don’t want to wind up looking like a fashion victim? Whether you’re into leopard prints or want to experiment with new prints, see below for tips on how to make this trend your own, regardless of which predatory print you land on…

Our fave animal print looks as seen on...

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