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Battle of the trends: From Scandi style, Y2K and not following trends

Wondering what fashion niche to buy into? Here's our guide to this years rising trends.

Posted on 6 March, 2023

Fashion trends whether you believe they’re cyclical, inventive or exhausting are the key threads dividing and uniting fashion. However, it’s not as simple as a Winter and summer collection anymore. With social media amplifying trends, both macro and micro, its often overwhelming to work out what ones to buy into.

Scandi Style:

If you haven’t heard about Matilda Djerf where have you been? Seriously.

Copenhagen street style has taken the world by storm and the aesthetic coming out of it has been dubbed ‘Scandi Style’.

Scandi Style oozes European sophistication and feeds into the casual wardrobe trend. We’re talking tailoring, small pops of colour, layering and loose silhouettes. Our Fantasy boot has been claimed by Scandi Style.


The Y2K trend has been resurfacing and on the rise for a while now. With 2023 set to take on the niche of ‘Rom-com’ core, you can expect to see a lot of wedges, colour and layering.

Think your fave 2000’s rom-com (Mean Girls, 13 Going On 30) and take their style. Baby doll dresses, miniskirts and tanks all the way. Pair it with a platform, kitten heel or chunky thong to complete the look. Our Shae heel is perfect for this look.

Gorp Core:

Think going for a hike, but make it fashion. Our fave part of this trend is that its functional and cute. We’re talking pockets, rain resistant fabrics and comfort. Pair your functional gear with cute accessories like a micro scarf and a pair of your best combat boots. Our Hahn boot is perfect for this aesthetic.

Less is more:

Warning! This trend is not for the feint of heart…

Some are making the move to observe trends and limit themselves to purchasing a max of 5 garments per year. This movement is carbon footprint focussed and emphasises that the consumption of fashion will always be present but there are ways we can minimise our impact. Investing in quality pieces rather than buying into trends.

So... what trend are you buying into?

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