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Our Go To Work Shoes

In search of a new pair of trusty work shoes? Look no further!

Posted on 5 March, 2023

As an office full of shoe focused gals, we know what to look for when it comes to finding your new go to work shoe.

Here are our top tips and picks!

Tip 1. Heel height

Working out what heel height you find comfortable will help you narrow down what kind of shoe you’re after. (If you’re not a heel wearer – keep reading for our flats tips)

There are many kinds of heel wearers out there; from the bold and the brave that are loyal to a 10.5cm+ heel to those that opt for a shorter 6.5cm heel to run around. We’ve got all your needs covered with our heel range.


For those who love a higher heel, you can’t go past our Anja heel. A timeless court that comes in 7 colourways and is finished with a 10.5cm heel.


For those who love a mid-heel, our new range of Timeless Points might be perfect for you. Try our Shirley heel for that extra bit of detail to spark a smile throughout your day. Coming in 4 colourways and on a comfortable 8cm heel, you’ll be obsessed.


If you’re seeking an even lower heel, our Kimmy heel could be your new best friend. Sitting pretty on a 4.5cm heel with a sling back to keep you secured, you’ll be able to walk 1,000 miles in these heels.

Tip 2. Look for a flexy sole

Our busy corporate Girl Boss needs a pair of flats to see her through her commute and her day. To achieve this, reach for our sneaker alternative, loafers.


If you’re seeking instant comfort and minimal to no break in phase, look for a flexible sole. Our Brooklyn loafer is perfect for this. With a chunkier sole that moves with you and two colourways to pick from, they’ll be your new favourite outfit accessory.


If you’re not a fan of the chunky loafer trend, our Cherish loafer might be for you! Refined and classic, coming in 6 colourways, you’ll be sure to find your perfect pair.

Tip 3. Invest in the classics

If you’re new to the workforce, or an office veteran, it’s always worth investing in the classics to set up your work wardrobe.

Our office swear by a pair of simple loafers, black boots and a pair of court heels for those bigger days to cover all bases.

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