Shoe Care

At Tony Bianco, we guarantee all our items are made from high quality materials for long-lasting durability, ensuring that you get the most wear out of our products. Our products are made from deluxe quality leather, suede, nubuck and more, to ensure that you get the most wear out of your items.

Your shoes are an important part of your wardrobe, so taking care of them is a must to make sure they last. Unsure how to care for your beloved shoes and bags? Our range of shoe care products will help you keep your products looking good as new. Whether your items are leather, suede or nubuck, our shoe care products have got you sorted.

Don't be fooled- our shoe care products can be used on bags and accessories too! Be sure to follow the instructions of each product before use to ensure you are taking care of your items the right way. With shoe care products from Tony Bianco, you have everything you need to protect your favourite shoes, bags and accessories.

For leather care, our leather conditioner and patent cleaner is a shoe cream that conditions and cleans your leather shoes, bags and accessories.

Suede and nubuck items are particularly delicate and tricky to clean. With the help of our suede brush, your suede and nubuck items will look good as new! This product removes dust and dirt from your shoes and bags to restore its appearance with ease.

Wet weather or accident prone? Our eco waterproofer is a must for preventing water damage! This product repels liquid from leather, fabric, suede and nubuck, ensuring to keep your item stain-free and looking good as new.

With your shoes cleaned and ready for the day, don't forget to protect your feet from painful bumps and blisters with our comfortable heel grips, gel cushions, and other inserts designed with your all-day comfort in mind.

Finish off by giving your leather shoes quick shine with our instant shine sponge and you're all set! Your leather shoes will be sure to look fresh and polished with this simple step and easy-to-use product.

Shoe care and bag care is made easy with the help of Tony Bianco shoe care products. Keep your shoes, bags and accessories looking good as new by using our shoe care products.